The festive season may be a time for celebration, but the sad reality is that it also poses security threats for businesses.

Here are three security issues Australian companies face during this period, and some advice on how to deal with them.


With the influx of customers into shops during the festive season comes an increase in shoplifting. Here are some things you can do to address this.

  • Invest in surveillance and monitoring systems. We provide solutions for clients of all sizes.
  • Invest in guards and/or alarms. We have a range of cost-effective ways to suit your business.
  • Make the layout of your store as open as possible, with good visibility between aisles and areas.
  • Clearly display signs explaining your bag checking policy.

Armed robbery and aggressive behaviour

There is always the threat of armed robbery. Here are some pointers on how your staff should respond in the event of armed robberies and aggressive behaviour. A reminder, however, that nothing beats hiring a security professional.

  • Look out for warning signs such as annoyance, a raised voice, verbal threats, physical gestures and actual physical violence.
  • If people threaten violent behaviour, do not aggravate them. Call the police if it is safe to do so.
  • In the situation of an armed robbery, WorkCover NSW advises you to stand still and keep your hands where they can be seen. Do not make any sudden movements, remain calm, obey instructions, be submissive, do not chase the offender and make a mental note of their appearance (if this can be done safely).

Fires and intense heat

The Australian summer may be perfect weather for going to the beach, but unfortunately it is also conducive to bush and grass fires. Such fires can present risks to staff working or attending areas of bush, grass and parklands.

In the event of a fire, remember the word RACE. It stands for: Rescue Alarm Contain Extinguish.

Rescue – Any people in immediate danger, if safe to do so.
Alarm – Raise the alarm, call 000, turn the fire alarm on, call the control room.
Contain – If practicable, close all doors and windows to contain the fire.
Extinguish – The fire with appropriate fire fighting equipment if you are trained and it is safe.