Many businesses use their own staff to transport large amounts of money from one location to another, despite the significant risks this poses. Cash in transit (CIT) crimes can be carried out by several kinds of people, from amateur criminals to well organised criminal groups.

Other than causing financial loss to the companies targeted, cash in transit robberies, assaults and other incidents can cause serious stress and danger to individuals who become victims while doing their job.

Cash in transit encompasses not just money but valuables of any kind – such as (but not limited to) jewels and bullion.

If you are having doubts about whether you or one of your employees should be transporting such assets, we strongly recommend entrusting us to do the job for you. We can arrange collection at a time and day that suits you and ensure fast and efficient same-day delivery.

Paragon takes great pride in our highly trained security guards, who are fully qualified and maintain the highest professional standards. We also offer competitive pricing and respond to requests for quotes quickly.

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