Just as drones are being used by police to fight crime and terrorist attacks, they can also be deployed for cost-effective security purposes.

In September 2016 Paragon commenced aerial reconnaissance and surveillance. To give you a better understanding of what our Drone Security Cams can achieve, we’ve listed a range of services below.

Aerial surveillance

Drones can be used to assess otherwise inaccessible infrastructure, such as tall buildings and remote sites.

With their high-resolution cameras, our drones can capture very small details – such as serial numbers or even wear and tear on individual bolts. For this reason drones can also be used for rooftop inspections and damage assessments.

Building inspections

As reported by the technology website Gizmodo, drones are frequently used for building inspections.

According to The Australian Institute of Architects, “the use of drones for building inspections gives building owners of commercial premises and owners’ corporation managers of apartment buildings a cheaper option for assessing repairs.”

Live event coverage

Drones, advances in high-definition video technology and fast internet have revolutionised live event coverage. It is now achievable even on small budgets, with drones providing high definition aerial feeds.

Similarly, drones can be used for crowd monitoring of mass gatherings – allowing large sums of people to be viewed from on high.

To learn more about how drones can be used by Australian businesses for security and surveillance, visit the Paragon Drone Security website or contact us for a free quote.