At Paragon Risk Management we put people first, proudly offering some of the most professional security guards in the country. There are times, however, when hiring more static security guards – even the best, like ours – may not be the ideal¬†solution for your company’s security needs.

This is why we offer a range of extra services to supplement existing ones you might have, such as static guards and CCTV systems. Sometimes these extra services can actually reduce your company’s ongoing security costs, while expanding the reach and effectiveness of your security operations.

Imagine a mobile security system that can be rapidly deployed – operational in 20 minutes – as well as being able to operate self-sufficiently for months on end (with its own power source) and also able to film continuous video recording for 30 days straight.

We have such a service; it’s called the Paragon TrailerCam. They are¬†extremely versatile and, through powerful surveillance software, can be monitored remotely. Use of the TrailerCam requires no locked in contracts. They are very cost effective, at around 25% of the price of a 24 hour static guard.

Our clients use TrailerCam technology for a range of purposes including cost effective alternatives to guards as well as surveillance, graffiti monitoring, event security, crowd monitoring, business continuity management and more.

For more information about the Paragon TrailerCam, including an extensive breakdown of its features (which include HD megapixel live streaming and a PA speaker system enabling verbal warnings) consult our standalone TrailerCam website. If you think you can use one for your business you are probably right; please get in touch.

TrailerCams are part of Paragon’s suite of mobile security services, designed to assist security professionals and/or enhance existing systems. We also offer the Paragon DroneCam, which uses state-of-the-art drone technology to deploy a range of services.