Paragon prides itself on providing dedicated and experienced security guards who maintain the highest professional standards. We’ve previously written about how we have some of the best security guards in the country.
So, what are the most important things to look for in a security guard? Given it’s a question we’ve been asked many times over the years, we thought we’d take the time to explain some of the key attributes we look for.

Trustworthiness and reliability

There are great responsibilities that come with being a security guard. On some occasions guards are privy to sensitive information; on others they find themselves managing challenging situations that may require split-second responses. First and foremost, a security guard must be reliable and trustworthy.

Strong communication skills

A security guard must have strong communication skills, both written and verbal. Writing skills are necessary to accurately document every incident of importance, while verbal communication is important in interactions with clients, employees and the general public.

In workplaces security guards often meet a lot of people, due to the nature of their responsibilities. Therefore a security guard must be able to express themselves clearly. Strong listening skills are also important.

Calmness and composure

Security guards are presented with a range of challenges. Sometimes these challenges arise in the form of unexpected occurrences. In these times measured and intelligent responses, following protocols at all times, is crucial.

This requires staff who have the right temperament and are capable of acting calmly but decisively. They need to be alert at all times but cannot be easily perturbed.

Training and certification

All our security guards have valid Australian security licenses. More than that, they are trained to the highest standards. Education and training is imperative in order for security guards to have a thorough understanding of security operations, including standards and best practices.

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