Paragon is thrilled to welcome Sydney’s Nirimba Education Precinct to our client list. In the precinct there are over 12,000 students and more than 850 staff.

Being entrusted by the precinct to provide their security services is a testament to the ongoing effort and excellence of our staff.

Our relationship with the precinct continues our work in the important Australian Tertiary Education Sector. We provide security services to other notable institutions, such as Macquarie University.

The Nirimba Education Precinct

The Nirimba Education Precinct is a world-class educational community spanning senior secondary, TAFE and university sectors.

It is a modern, innovative and diverse educational consortium and a unique example of cross-sectoral education, involving both government and private providers.

Located at Nirimba are the St John Paul II Catholic College, Wyndham College, TAFE NSW Western Sydney Institute, and The College at Western Sydney University.

Introducing PIRO, for security monitoring compliance

For large organisations such as Nirimba, we use unique and innovative security monitoring compliance software.

This software, called PIRO, has been developed by the Paragon team – so we know it better than anybody else, and we can vouch for its effectiveness.

PIRO’s full name is Paragon Incident Reports Online. While its powerful functions make it perfect for large clients, it can be used for a variety of smaller clients too – applicable to any location that requires regular monitoring and reporting.

What PIRO can achieve

So what exactly is PIRO? In short, it is the next level in security monitoring compliance. PIRO can:

  • provide instantly a report of all incidents filtered by any type, location or category to auditors;
  • ensure compliance of your organisation with the tools and forms for processes you might not otherwise currently have; and
  • provide stakeholders with regular automated email notifications of events and corrective actions taken or needed.

PIRO has many other features, including 100% data security and unlimited reports. To learn more about PIRO visit this site.