Business Continuity Deployment for Department Store

When its security provider went into liquidation, a major Australian department store contacted us on the Friday before the busiest trading weekend of the year. They needed security guards and they needed a plan.

In less than 24 hours we deployed 70 static guards, supported by a team of supervisors and managers. No matter what your business is, we pride ourselves in being able to respond to new job requests extremely quickly.

It was initially intended for our involvement to be a short-term arrangement. The department store was so impressed, however, by the speed and quality of our services that we sparked an ongoing relationship spanning several years.

Large Annual Music Festival

Paragon has provided a range of services to this event, which draws approximately 12,000 attendees every year, since 2002. We implement many activities for the security and crowd management of the festival, including providing all operational security staff — ­a total of more than 140 security team members.

Before then, strong collaboration during the planning process is important. This involves assisting the festival in the creation and submission of applications, developing crowd controls and emergency planning and liaising with police and other emergency services.

It is critical that a large-scale event such as this runs safely and successfully. We develop contingency strategies to response to unforseen incidents should they arise, and fastidiously plan beforehand to ensure the event is orchestrated smoothly.

They keep working with us every year not only because we get great results, but because they know we’re as passionate about the event succeeding as they are.

Tertiary Educational Precinct

For more than eight years Paragon have provided a range of ongoing and highly effective security services for a tertiary education precinct.

These provisions include security management and support, static security officers, mobile patrol and response services, crowd controllers and cash management support services.

Over the years we have become an integral part of the client’s team.

Developing a state government organisation's security plan

A state government organisation wanted a long-term security strategy. A member of our consultancy team met with them, assessed their needs and developed a security improvement strategy.

The key results the strategy delivered were increased flexibility within the security operations team, extended operational support of the team to other divisions within the organisation, and the creation of a scalable security resource with multi-skilled and better trained operators.

Not only were we able to achieve these goals, we also drew substantial savings on the organisation’s operational expenditure.